Mary Fialko

Mary Fialko

With five years of architectural project management plus four additional years of Development Management experience, Mary has shaped building projects across the spectrum. She prides herself on managing tight budgets and schedules to meet the goals of clients and values quality, community, and sustainability. Mary’s focus at Costigan is to creatively and thoroughly manage each aspect of a project to meet the Owner’s goals.

MS in Real Estate (MSRE), University of Washington
Masters of Architecture, University of Washington
BS in Architecture, University of Cincinnati

Tarragon L.L.C.
Alloy Design Group
Arup Engineering Berlin
MUSHO Architects

Two Schools Project, development management
9th&Thomas, development management
Bothell 185 Apartments, development management
Sawyer Trail Apartments, development management
Sawyer Trail Cottages, development management
Kent Station Apartments (Dwell), development management
Beryl Apartments, development management
Seattle Design Commission
ULI YLG Co-Chair