Costigan Integrated (CI) was founded in 2010 by Jackie Costigan, a 35-year veteran of the construction industry. With Jackie’s deep background in the commercial, public, private and non-profit sectors, CI has a proven track record of positioning its owner clients to achieve success. Today, Jackie, her partners Ken Zuber and Julie Currier, and a talented team of project and development managers, work alongside CI’s many clients, partnering with them every step of the way in delivering a full spectrum of real estate development and construction management services to clients from the private and public sectors as well as community based and non-profit organizations.

Today, CI operates in partnership with Unico Properties, a real estate investor and full-service operator focused on office and multifamily assets throughout the United States. Together, CI and Unico offer a partnership that is “supercharged” and allows for each to offer expanded services but still with the same trusted, boutique approach. The collective real estate and construction experience, industry connections, and in-house technical knowledge held by the integrated teams ensure that all of our projects have access to the best resources and opportunities.

With a focus on projects in the Pacific Northwest – from the smallest office to large master plans—we manage in a hands-on way that takes full advantage of the owners’ ideas. By fostering a collaborative environment with transparency and clear communication, we gain valuable understanding of your project’s variables, challenges, and constraints to effectively lead the team and maintain alignment with your interests and overall objectives. Most of all, CI’s clients count on our reliability and creative vision for success.

CI is equally committed to our clients, our culture, and our community. We have built our reputation on performance and accountability, with an emphasis on efficient and sustainable outcomes, lower costs, and consistency for owners. As a proud contributor to the ever-evolving urban landscape of Seattle, every choice we make as a firm demonstrates the value we place on the relationship between the community and the built environment.