Mission and History

Costigan Integrated (CI) recognizes that owners need more efficient and versatile representation to succeed in these times. Our mission is to integrate our experience, knowledge and passion with that of the owner / investor to create an exceptional project with predictably positive results.

Our approach is based on partnership and collaboration, going far beyond the traditional owner / investor representative’s role. We assist in defining realistic goals for our clients and providing the means and leadership to achieve the desired results.

CI has over 30 years of experience in providing construction management and real estate development services to both the private and public sectors as well as to community based and non-profit organizations. That experience has taught us the value of identifying and assembling the right team for each project, the importance of providing effective communication and leadership to the team members and establishing a culture that emphasizes performance and accountability. By aligning the skills of the team members with the interests of our client, the building process becomes a streamlined collaborative effort that ultimately achieves a successful project.